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LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen

LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen

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Nail care that outshines the competition. See what our customers have to say about this amazing product and learn more about it below.

The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen is designed to rejuvenate and strengthen your nails, cuticles, and the fine skin surrounding them.

Anima Codie

“I’ve tried countless serums and none of them comes close to what the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen delivers. Not only do my nails look vibrant, but they also feel healthy. I love how gentle it is to my nails and skin. I’m buying again, for sure!”


Tamela Josephine

“I’ve never been a fan of nail product scents, but the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen’s fragrance really took my breath away. Right now, I’m using its Peach scent, and it’s not as intrusive as other nail products that I’ve tried before. I love its final finish, especially how it looks and feels on my nails. I highly recommend it!”


Traditional nail care products often leave hands feeling greasy or irritated. In some cases, they weaken the nails and cause cracks in the cuticles. LIMETOW™ goes beyond your average nail care by providing the nourishment and protection your nails and cuticles need.

The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen is a revolutionary product designed to rejuvenate, strengthen, and beautify your nails. This incredible care and nourishment solution is engineered with organic components to promote nail and cuticle vitality.

This easy-to-use product helps address cracking, peeling, dryness, and discoloration, which are all signs of a lack of nutrients and moisture. It’s also absorbed quickly so you immediately get the best results upon application.


The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen is designed to address issues related to poor nail health. 

Using the essential vitamins and minerals, the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen provides deep hydration and nourishment to the nails, cuticles, and fine skin surrounding the area. Its active ingredients, like organic nut oils, penetrate the nail plate and spread into the bed to rejuvenate and prevent issues like roughness and peeling.

The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen elevates nail care further by participating in numerous safety tests to detect damaging mold, yeast, or other contaminants. Expect no skin irritation on your hands while using this product to restore and protect your nails and cuticles.

This product is engineered with soft bristles for a light touch that doesn’t damage your nails or cuticles in any way. These soft bristles also offer excellent coverage for a seamless product application that guarantees to nurture every part of the nail.

With this item’s sleek and compact design, you can use the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen on the go, providing quick access to nail nourishment. It’s also incredibly easy to use, featuring a rotating tail that gives full control over the amount of oil applied. This innovative design ensures that users maximize the product without waste.


Recommended By Professional Nail Technician

Luana Hilary

"Being in the field for years, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate various nail nourishment products. The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen really stood out to me as an excellent option that takes nail care to a whole new level. I’m amazed at its blend of natural ingredients that provide proper nourishment for the nails and cuticles. The way it spreads to the nail bed seamlessly to hydrate the area is incredible. I highly recommend this product."


Key Ingredients of the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen

  • Organic Nut Oil

The LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen is enriched with an incredible mix of organic nut oils to promote healthier nails and cuticles. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals to protect nails from breaking quickly. These compounds are also easy to absorb and they’re not irritating to the skin.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an incredible antioxidant that protects the nails from different environmental factors, particularly from sun damage. Aside from that, it provides the much-needed moisture to alleviate dry nail beds, reducing cracking and yellowing. Vitamin E also moisturizes and rejuvenates cuticles and skin around the nails.

  • Natural Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is rich in numerous components that make the nails more robust, preventing cracking and splitting. This ingredient also promotes healthier cuticles by effectively alleviating dryness. Plus, it has antibacterial properties that will further protect your nails from damage.


Bessie Jeanie shares her testimonial after using the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen twice a day for two weeks


“It’s been a week now and I’ve been seeing subtle improvements in my nail’s structure. It’s not as brittle as before. They also don’t crack often. I also love how my cuticles feel softer and less dry.”


“I can’t believe how much my nails have changed since I started using the LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen. I highly recommend this to anyone with unhealthy nails like mine before. My nails and cuticles don’t crack, peel, and they don’t feel as dry.”



  • Hydrates and nourishes nails, cuticles, and fine skin in the area.
  • Engineered with soft bristles for even coverage.
  • Equipped with the best natural components to hydrate and strengthen the nails.
  • No skin irritation upon use.
  • Comes in compact packaging that’s easy to carry.



  1. Wash and clean your nails
  2. Open the cap and twist the pen from below clockwise until oil comes out of the brush head.
  3. Apply on each nail and the skin around until they’re fully covered.
  4. Massage nails and cuticles gently for one to three minutes until the oil subsides.
  5. Wipe off excess oil.
  6. Apply once or twice a day.



  • LIMETOW™ Nail Serum Pen: 1x
  • Net content: 2ml
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