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LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink

LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink

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Have you been wanting a quality tattoo without the lifetime commitment? Well, say hello to the LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink!

The LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink is the ultimate solution for those seeking professional-grade body art minus the needles and the permanent effect. This creative product is designed with organic extracts to provide a stunning look and a worry-free experience.


  • Waterproof for Long-Lasting Wear

The LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink is formulated to withstand water and sweat. This ensures that your desired finish stays vibrant and intact on your skin for extended periods, with the effects lasting as long as five days.

  • Organic Extracts for Safe Application

The team behind LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink wants to you to express yourself artistically without damaging your skin. This is why the product is enriched with organic extracts to ensure a gentle application process with no irritation.

  • Comes With Three Colors and a Style Template

Get creative with three versatile colors and a style template in every package of the LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink. There are lots of artistic options to choose from, whether you’re going for a bold statement or a minimalist design.

  • Beautiful Color for a Professional Finish

Achieve a professional-looking temporary tattoo with the product’s beautiful and rich ink quality. Whatever your design preference is, the LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink will ensure that you achieve a finish that looks like it was handled by expert artists.

User's review:

Warren Titus,⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I tried the LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink for a weekend festival and despite a whole day of sweating and having fun, the design I made stayed on and didn’t smudge at all. I love how it looks good on my skin like you can’t tell it’s temporary. It also has many design templates to choose from, and I love them!” 


    Ryana Dene, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    “I used the LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink because I’m still hesitant about getting a permanent tattoo. Right now, I’m loving this temporary option. It’s gentle on my skin and I’m able to achieve the design that I want with no fuss. I highly recommend it!”

      HOW TO USE:


        • Colors included: black, red, and brown
        • Gross weight: 53 g


          • 3pcs x LIMETOW™ Temporary Tattoo Ink
          • 2pcs x Tattoo template stickers
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